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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Internet Cafe

Rachna and I decided to go to the Internet Cafe in the closest city because the internet in the village was being way too slow. We were unable to post on our blog using the village internet no matter how hard we tried everyday. Thankfully, the internet here is a lot faster and this is the reason why I uploaded so many blog posts all at once! Unfortunately, we are still unable to post pictures on the blog because the internet here will not allow us. I was able to upload some pictures on Facebook if you want to check some of those out.

So if you're ever wondering why my blog gets updated with many posts all at once, the slow internet in the village is the reason :)

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  1. I'm currently at my internship in a coffee shop in the hippie part of SD... your internship > mine. Haha! I love reading these. Keep them up! Miss you!!