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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Life Here in Pictures

This is the archway that is located in the center of the village. The village is right off of a busy highway, so loud honking noises make up the soundtrack to life in the village. 

This is the view of the hostel that Seetha and Mahendiran established in 1990 to make it easier for Narikuravar children to attend school

This is the room where Rachna and I sleep. We would  not have been able to survive the blistering heat the first week we were here without these two fans. I've gotten more accustomed to the feeling of always sweating, but these fans certainly help me feel a bit more comfortable, except for when the electricity goes out! I often wake up to the heat once the fans stop working during the daily power outages. 

My bed!

These are a few of our favorite hostel children. They are incredibly bright, energetic, and fun! 

This is the cutest, most well-behaved baby you will ever meet. His mother is one of the most dedicated members in Chidiya. 

This is the Narikuravar Education and Welfare Society (NEWS) office building that also esrves as the Chidiya workroom and the sleeping area for the hostel children at night. 

Time for lunch!

This is the view of our backyard area

Seetha's daughter, Swetha, relaxing in front of her house

This is the kitchen where all of our food gets cooked. 

This is "tougher than tough" Kanima. She is amazing. She is always working on something- cooking food for us, making beautiful jewelery, keeping the house clean, grocery and bead shopping.. this woman does it all! and always with a smile on her face :)

She is also a wonderful cook. I have also gotten quite good at eating rice with my hands believe it or not!

Rachna and I with a couple of our favorites!

In the Chidiya Supply Room- don't those necklaces look gorgeous? and they are all handmade!

Some more of the hostel girls. They are too sweet :)

They also LOVE taking pictures

This is an outside view of where Rachna and I stay!

This is the baby goat that just chills around our home. She follows Kanima around because she thinks that she is her mom or something. 

Posing with the kids in front of the NEWS building. 

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